Friday, April 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Today was our last day of teaching. I was very sad to leave my precious students, and they were also sad to see me go. This whole experience, especially the teaching, has blessed me more than I can begin to explain. I am so thankful for everything I have gone through during what has honestly been the best six weeks of my life.

During our first break, I met the kids outside as usual to hang out with them while eating lunch. As I walked out, two girls approached me and asked if I would help them unzip their jackets. Knowing something was up, I played along and unzipped them to find letters, cards, and various other gifts for me that they wanted to surprised me with. I was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness! One sweet girl decorated a shoebox for me and filled it with some of her only possessions- chocolate biscuits, a cell phone pouch, a picture of her, and an American dollar. These children have so little to give, but are willing to give so much. I think we could all learn something from that.

I left each student with a letter, a picture, a new pencil, and their very own book. I placed the books and things on their desks while they were out for break-- you should've heard and seen them as they spotted the gifts awaiting them. There was very loud scream, enthusiastic jumping, and I was attacked by several enormous hugs. These students are incredibly grateful for whatever they receive, and the impact of that is definitely rewarding. Although these children also present many more challenges than what I have experienced back home, watching them with their new books made everything worth it.

The day came to a close as I reread their favorite story, Morris Goes to School, out loud for one last time. They laughed just as hard as the first. :)

While saying goodbye to the students, I was able to stay positive and tear free. But after getting in the van, waving, and watching them run after us, I was overwhelmed with sadness. I have really grown to love each and every one of my students, and it is hard knowing that I most likely won't ever see them again.

Tomorrow I will bid farewell to everyone and everything else. There is so much about this country that I cherish, and my experience here has brought me so much joy. Thank you all for your support and prayers, and I will see you soon!

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  1. Brynne; thanks for this and i am so thrilled that you have immersed yourself so deeply into this world and it's people so far from home. I am so proud of you and can't wait to see you soon. I've no doubt that you have impacted those students in such a positive and loving way. Yea God! Love Pops