Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seven Days and Counting

Greetings friends and family!

My school assignments are complete and my suitcases are quickly filling up. On Sunday, March 21st, I will depart for a GVSU teacher assisting program in Stellenbosch, South Africa with six other students and our trip advisor. The six weeks that I am away will be divided into half traveling - half teaching, and I will arrive back home on May 2nd. I am incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and am more anxious and excited than I can express to see what the next two months have to offer!

Until then, I will be finishing up my current teacher assisting placement in Hudsonville, which has been a wonderful learning experience that I will be very sad to leave. The students-- loveable and lively-- have nestled their way into my heart since being with them for the past ten weeks. Once again, I am thankful for an opportunity that has allowed me to grow as a teacher and to develop relationships with thirty one special fourth graders. Saying goodbye won't be easy, but I am comforted knowing that I can come back to see them when I return.

I will do my best to provide updates as often as possible. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!



If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea- even there your hand will guide me; your right hand will hold me fast.
Psalm 139:9-10


  1. Wow, to say I am excited for you on this adventure is an understatement. I will pray for you often and hope that as busy as you are, you'll find some time to really focus on the people of S Africa. By making time to do this, both your lives will be richer. God bless you and i am so proud of you!!

  2. Thinking about you this weekend. Prayers for a safe, uneventful trip over there, with time moving quickly! So glad you started the blog. Will be eager to read your updates!

  3. Love your blog! Thanks for the email. We are all happy to hear that things are going well.
    Take care and let me know when you return.
    Mary Starkweather